An Independent Mall Seems to be Coming to Bushwick

Observer brought news this morning that an 80,000-square-foot retail and nightlife complex is being planned at 88 Bogart St.

“North Development Corp. acquired the 200-by-400-foot behemoth across the street from the Morgan L train stop in August for $12.15 million, and the developer plans to turn the building, which takes up an entire block, into a sprawling nightlife, retail and artist gallery complex on an otherwise underwhelming stretch in Bushwick,” Observer writes.

Andrew Clemens, a director of leasing at Massey Knakal, the firm selected to exclusively market the space, told Observer that while the project is in the very preliminary, conceptual stage, the idea is to create something like a “grittier Chelsea Market.” An independent movie theater, music venue or museum are expected to be the potential big tenants. There was mention of an Urban Outfitters or Guitar Center. Clemens also said that they are considering studio workspace for artists on the upper floor or maybe a hotel/hostel.

Andrew Clemens said that they plan to cater to the local artsy, hipster crowd as Williamsburg is not considered cool by locals anymore. “Bushwick is cool,” he said.

A mall at Bogart St sounds pretty unimaginable at the moment. The project is in its initial stage; the concepts and ideas are being laid. The change is clearly inevitable, but the question is whether we will see a new kind of cultural entrepreneurship which is considerate to the local rich culture or simple mainstream madness. We believe it’s now up to Bushwick to have its voice heard. What is your opinion?


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