“For 1,800 bucks a month we can have a shoe box in Manhattan or this hangar in Bushwick!”

“Yeah, but what’s the crime rate like in this neighborhood? It looks a little shady….”

“Ah, it’s better than Detroit or Damascus…”

…something like this goes a conversation between Rachel and Kurt in the last night’s episode of Glee Britney 2.0. What exactly is going on? 

Apparently, Rachel now lives in New York, and after Kurt moves there too, they decide to become roommates and rent a giant Bushwick loft. Naturally, anyone with a little bit of sanity wouldn’t even expect Glee Bushwick to look like the real Bushwick. So just smile about this Glee fantasy… and instead of bashing this teen TV show, sing Hit me, baby, one more time with them. That’s less predictable 😉

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