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The deadline for NYC to finalize its budget is Tuesday June 30, 2020 and protestors with the Occupy City Hall movement have set up camp to demand a $1 billion cut to the NYPD.  The movement suggests that the one sixth deduction from the police department be reallocated into projects like housing, healthcare, education and social services.  Occupy City Hall has caught a lot of attention and support, but as the budget deadline draws nearer.  If you can’t join in person, organizers are actively looking for donations, and recommend @occupycityhall for details, or any of these additional ways you can contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement

Reopening NYC is upon us and you might have already enjoyed your first post-lockdown meal outside your home, so for the next one consider venturing out to one of these black-owned restaurants in Bushwick

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 10 a.m. Washington Square Park – Protest with Art

 1 p.m. Frederick Douglass Circle – March

 3 p.m. Fort Tryon Park – Justice for Domo

 6 p.m. Carl Schurz – Kids Story Hour

 7 p.m. Carl Schurz – Vigil

 7 p.m. Marcus Garvey Park – 13th Screening

 7:30 p.m. Marcus Garvey Park (NE End) – Vigil

 2:30 a.m. (Saturday Morning) Morningside Park – Womxyn’s Night Jog


 5:30 p.m. Maria Hernandez Park – Bike Ride to BLM Pride Dance Party

 6 p.m. 29th St. & 3rd Ave MDC Sunset Park – Protest

 7 p.m. McCarren Park – BLM Pride Dance Party

 7:30 p.m. McCarren Park Comfort Station – Bike to City Hall

Cover photo by Kevin Claiborne (@kevinclaibrone).

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