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The New York Primary is next Tuesday June 23, 2020.  The primary election gives registered Democrats the opportunity to choose which candidates will appear on the ballot in the general election come November.  Since New York is a blue state, it’s likely that the winners of next week’s primary will run unopposed in November, this is why you should care.  You have the power to make your voice heard, elect leaders who will enact change and determine who will run by casting your ballot.



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Help get the vote out and let people know how to vote in the 2020 primary. The New York Primary is two weeks away. On June 23rd, New Yorkers will vote on which democratic candidates will appear on their ballots come November. Due to COVID-19, all voters are allowed and encouraged to vote by absentee ballot rather than vote in person (though you still can). In order to vote by absentee you must APPLY FOR AN ABSENTEE BALLOT BY JUNE 16 (that’s next week). Swipe through for details on how to do this. You have the chance to make your voice heard and elect people that can enact real change. This is why local elections are so important. NY is a blue state, and those elected by this primary might run unopposed in November’s general election. You have the power to chose who runs, so use it! Again, swipe to see which seats your vote will fill. #vote #vote2020 #votefromhome #voteforchange #primary #2020election

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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all New Yorkers are allowed and encouraged to vote by absentee ballot this year.  All registered voters will receive an application at the address associated with their voter registration.  You must fill out the application and postmark it by tomorrow, June 16 2020.  You can also download an application at to print out and mail by June 16.  Or you can directly request an absentee ballot at by June 16.

And if you’d prefer, you can still vote in person just like every other year.  In fact, early voting has already started.  To find your polling place visit and follow the prompts.  The City is requiring all who vote in person to wear face coverings and keep at least six feet of distance between themselves and others at all polling places and Board of Elections (BoE) facilities.  And the State BoE has required that hand sanitizer be available to voters, poll workers also were the necessary PPE and polling sites be disinfected daily.

So here’s what you need to know:

Who’s Going to Appear on the Ballot Next Week?

 U.S. House of Representative Candidates

They pass federal laws and have the power to reform the criminal justice system through legislation.

 State Senate & Assembly Candidates

They pass state laws, like the U.S. House & Senate, but just for NY.  They’re responsible for creating the policies that define what constitutes crime, procedures for responding to crime, sentencing structures, and funding of government agencies that are responsible for dealing with offenders and victims.

 State Judges

They sit on state-level courts and pass judgement on state cases.

 State Assembly Committee

Entry-level officials that oversee party activities but do not handle laws.

And you can find out exactly who will appear on your ballot by entering your address on  (If a position does not appear on your ballot, it simply means that the candidate is running unopposed in the primary).

One more time: apply for your absentee ballot today!  And make sure to keep an eye out for our breakdown of the candidates running in the Bushwick area.

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