Alec Meeker

Paperboy Love Prince, a 26-year-old Brooklyn native running for New York’s 7th District in the House of Representatives, successfully defended their right to appear on the ballot to the Board of Elections on Tuesday, meaning their name will officially appear beside Nydia Velazquez on the Democratic primary ballot for the District 7 Congressional Election.

The Non-Binary artist known for music videos like the recent viral ‘Yang Gang Anthem,’ defended themselves over video chat to the Board of Election after finding out that 348 of the 432 signatures Love Prince submitted were found invalid. Love Prince was well prepared to defend their candidacy and with the confidence and detail of a seasoned attorney, the congressional candidate won the Board over by proving there was an error in the paperwork filed by the challenger making it invalid.

Love Prince, interviewed by Bushwick Daily earlier this year, says they are leading with love and creativity in this bid for congress. The day after winning their petition, Love Prince posted a photo delivering food with for Bushwick Mutual Aid on their campaign twitter account supporting this claim.

On the issues? Love Prince hopes their campaign overall brings happiness and love back into Democracy, where they’ve seen a trend of focusing on division and hate. Other tenants of their platform pledging to fight for universal basic income, Medicare for all and spreading love. On their website, Prince enumerates an extensive list of issues they hope to create better policy for, including ending the War on Drugs, public transit reform, legalization and reform for sex work, and making taxes fun.

On twitter, those following the race, had positive things to say about Love Prince’s success.

There is still a lot of time for all the candidates to get their messages to the public, we are starting to think that It’s our time to start paying more attention to Love Prince’s bid for congress.

Cover photo by Paperboy Love Prince

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