Roberta Smith explains and comments on the crisis at MOCA and the shaky chair of the director, Jeffrey Deitch. [NY Times]

 The third episode of Brokelania is out! This time about Bikram Yoga, and it’s pretty hilarious! Must watch! [Brokelyn]

Mayor Bloomberg “will not tolerate” violence at McCarren Pool. [DNAinfo]

Bushwick/Williamsburg artist Rebecca Goyette aka Lobsta Girl is pretty wild! [White Hot]

There was an old woman who swallowed a pen, and found it 25 years later. …and it worked! (Because we know you always wanted to know about this, and also because we love this nerdy science writer whose name is Sophie Bushwick 🙂 [Discover Magazine]

Look at the home of the owner of Union Pool [Brooklyn Magazine]

50% of the Kickstarter projects get funded. But only 7% chance if you’re raising $100,000 and more. $10,000 or less have a 38% chance to achieve that goal. Read more interesting Kickstarter stats and facts. [Hyperallergic]