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A 4-year-old was killed this Sunday in Bushwick by a black SUV coming out of a laundromat parking lot in the area. 

The child and her mother were on Hart Street near Wyckoff Avenue as the child was on her scooter, lost a shoe and went back with her mother to retrieve it. A driver was driving out of a sidewalk parking lot next to a laundromat on that block and struck them both.

Fatal hit and run in #bushwick today. Be careful out there.

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The child was taken by EMS to nearby Wyckoff Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival according to a recent report in ABC 7. The child’s mother only suffered minor injuries and was also taken to the hospital, but is in stable condition. 

The driver continued driving after hitting the little girl and her mother and was stopped by police near the site of the accident according to a report in CBS New York.

The woman driving the black SUV said she did not see the pair. Police have made no arrests as of June 26 and the incident is being ruled as an accident according to AMNY.