Last month, Bushwick Daily’s Food & Drink Editor, Andrew Tobia, got on the back of a bicycle and commuted to Manhattan from Bushwick.

Andrew rode into the city as part of BikeTrain Rally and Ride, a grassroots program organized by Transportation Alternative to raise awareness of cycling as a viable method of commute for the L train shutdown and beyond. 

His conclusion was straightforward. Commuting into Manhattan from Bushwick (read: along the L train) is not only possible but a viable alternative form of transportation, even for a first timer.

Shortly after Andrew’s story was published, we heard about a bicycle manufacturing company that had designed and released a bicycle model  with the Brooklyn/Manhattan commute in mind. This bike, aptly named, “L-Train” is currently available for sale online for $650. 

Now, here’s where it gets exciting. Brilliant Bicycle Co., the creators of the “L-Train”, have given Bushwick Daily over $850 worth of equipment, including the “L-Train” bike to give away for national bike month

So, we are having a big giveaway contest for our readers and you can enter to win here! 

Good luck..