The M Train Is Fully Functional in Bushwick Today After Months of Renovation

Evan Haddad


The M train is back in action.

Train service resumed between Myrtle-Wyckoff and Myrtle-Broadway Avenue stations at 5 a.m. today after the MTA completed an eight-month project to restore the Myrtle Viaduct and Fresh Pond Bridge, which are both over a century old.

The $163 million project revamped decrepit structures along the M line, which connects Bushwick and Queens; installed low-vibration tracks to reduce noise for nearby properties; added new third rails and stronger, newly engineered track ties; and replaced all local signal equipment and cables. The restorative work was also done to increase M train service during the L train shutdown slated for April 2019.

There is still speculation about whether a souped-up M train is the answer to the woes of around 225,000 riders who will be displaced during the shutdown. Commuters today tweeted out some disheartening stuff:

Others were more positive:

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