Evan Haddad


The “tiny little giant agency” from Bushwick that won a bid to advertise for the largest marathon in the world has created a campaign focusing on the emotional intensity the race brings to New York.

Madwell, a creative agency headquartered in Bushwick between the Morgan and Montrose Avenue subway stops, has released a campaign for the upcoming TCS New York City Marathon on Nov. 5. The campaign, named “It Will Move You,” captures the range of emotions participants, spectators, and volunteers feel during the 26-mile race.

“If you’ve ever found yourself on the street watching tourists and salty-mouthed cops and young kids and old ladies and weirdly placed DJs become cheering fans, you’ve seen how great this great city can actually be,” Chris Sojka, Madwell’s Chief Creative Officer told Bushwick Daily.

The ad campaign, which includes a 30-second TV spot on ABC to help build up the buzz, won’t just focus on the galloping pro runners that usually steal the show—it will personalize the event, showing runners of all ages and abilities experiencing the grueling trek of 26.2 miles, along with messaging that celebrates how personal and powerful the whole thing can be.

Madwell offers not only a huge ad campaign to the city, but a gooey Bushwick success story of finally hitting it big in the commercial sector.

Laura Etheredge, VP of Communications at Madwell, offered some words of advice for young creative types looking to break into mainstream advertising and content writing.

“In an industry where what you get to do depends on what you’ve done, the most important thing is to be doing. Don’t wait for permission. Labels don’t control music. Networks don’t control TV. Today it’s consumers who largely control advertising, and we’re all consumers. Locate your point of view, develop your brand, and then create on-brand work—a social media presence, free creative for your friend’s business, whatever, as long as it’s the kind of work you want to see—and get it out there.”

Cover image courtesy of TCS New York City Marathon