By Brian Douglas

After nearly four months of meeting at the Shops at the Loom due to the cold, Occupy Bushwick is finally moving out into the open. The general assembly has always been open to everyone, but it hasn’t been very visible beyond the patrons of the Loom. That all changes on May 1st, with our first major event: The May Day Monday Morning Commute.

A couple weeks ago, some local General Assembly attendees got together with members of Occupy Williamsburg to come up with an event for our groups to hold in solidarity with the Nationwide May 1st General Strike (or Day without the 99%). Here’s what we’ve worked out for #M1GS:

8:00am / Maria Hernandez Park

Free Coffee + Breakfast!

Connect! Make allies for the day!

MARCH from Knickerbocker to Flushing to Broadway to Continental Army Plaza

10:30am / Continental Army Plaza

Connect with Occupy Williamsburg!

MARCH over the Williamsburg Bridge and join one of the many, many actions in Manhattan!

I had planned to write a long, well-researched article on why everyone should participate in the strike and to develop a comprehensive list of all the ways that you can participate. Bad news is that I was spread a little too thin this month with a million other obligations to get it done. The good news is that plenty of other, smarter folks than I have already done the work for me. If you’re participating tomorrow, be sure to read this Last-Minute May Day Checklist.

Check back here tomorrow for live updates or follow @OccupyBushwick, and be sure to keep an eye on #M1GS and #OWS┬áto watch history unfold in real time! Whatever you do, don’t buy anything unless it’s absolutely essential, and if you’ve never been to an Occupy event, today is a great day to finally meet the movement first hand.