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The group protesting the impending long term L train shutdown has announced that its next public meeting, and they want you to be there.

The straphanging public is invited to the L train Coalition‘s meeting on Wednesday, February 24th at 6:30pm at Swinging Sixties Senior Center, at 211 Ainslie St between Manhattan and Graham in East Williamsburg.

The upcoming meeting comes on the heels of a very emotional inaugural meeting at which local residents and business owners voiced lots of frustration about the possible closure and an MTA liaison’s statements served to further exasperate the assembled group.

While the L is the most publicly discussed of the MTA system and typically gets hyperbolic treatment, a full-scale closure of this kind would affect more than just the people who usually tweet at Kevin Ortiz when their train is delayed.

A spokesperson for the Bushwick-based digital cartography company CartoDB  emphasized that in the company’s analysis of the affect of an L train shutdown, it’s clear that, while in the event of such a shutdown it wouldn’t be “possible to run the number of shuttle buses necessary to get the commuters on just the five stops closest to Manhattan, Bedford to Montrose, into Manhattan during rush hour”, commuters further out along the line would be the ones worst hit by the outage.

Hmmm….Montrose is pretty close to Bushwick, but not quite all the way to the neighborhood.

See you at the meeting.