Illustration by Jeremy Nguyen

Orange is the New Black star and a Bushwick resident, Lea DeLaria recently launched her new album comprised of David Bowie jazz covers titled House of David: delaria + bowie = jazz. The album is a wild-ride jazz reimagination of some of Bowie’s best songs, including “Golden Years” and “Young Americans.” How she was able to pull off a tribute to the greatest rock and roll star of all time after making us all crack up in Season 3 of Orange is the New Black is beyond us. But when Lea is not playing a role or an instrument, she’s hanging out in her local town of Bushwick. In an interview with us, she shared some of her neighborhood favorite spots.

What’s your favorite place to chill outdoors?

Outdoors? In BUSHWICK? Either under elevated track of the M/J line or the outdoor patio at Mominette.

Where do you like to nom on some food?

There’s a new joint called Faro that I am digging a lot.

What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you in Bushwick?

Well, that would have to be when a young woman came running out of True Hardware, on the corner of my street, begging me to sign her screwdriver.

Where do you like to grab a drink?

Three Diamond Door. No contest. They have an unbelievable jukebox which is free. There’s also a great outdoor patio if you like to smoke or just be outside. Dogs are welcome there and all the bartenders have a really heavy pour. Now that’s my idea of heaven in a bar.

Where’s your favorite place to go on a date?

My other idea of heaven in a bar, Pumps. Oh yeah.

Where’s your favorite place to see music?

Honestly I’m always working so I haven’t had much time to go to many shows. What I do like is how many venues are popping up all over Bushwick. We could use some real jazz, though instead of all this crappy Dixie/Trad music. Just saying.

What’s the best and worst thing about living in the neighborhood?

The best and worst thing about my neighborhood are one in the same. I love the life and people and that crazy sense of constant party that happens on Knickerbocker Street. I also sometimes tire of the noise.  

Lea’s album, ‘House of David: bowie + delaria = jazz’  is available on iTunes and Amazon.

This article originally appeared in Bushwick Notebook Issue #2