Photos via @schmalenberger and @questionthestore

Cyber Monday got you feeling like :/ ?┬áMaybe it’s time you went shopping IRL, and we have the perfect place for you.

Question The Store (stylized as ? The Store), currently open at La Luz in Bushwick, is a gift-giver’s dream. Jam packed with things you never thought you needed – skull necklaces, vintage pulp fiction, glittery pasties – the store will likely have the gift for that special someone who loves the wonderful and weird.

We recently caught whiff of the store in a Racked article, and are kicking ourselves for not knowing about this shop sooner. The store was opened during Bushwick Open Studios and is owned and operated by Eric Schmalenberger, a self-described “crazed clown about town.” In addition to running the store, Schmalenberger is also heavily involved with our fave performance-falafel space House of Yes, where he curates arts and performance events.

Pizza pins, anyone?

Speaking to Racked, Schmalenberger says his store is a representation of himself and what he loves. “Coming from a nightlife and performance background, I want that to be showcased here.”

Question The Store is focused on “wearable art and affordable art and things that just brighten up┬ápeople’s days and make them a little bit stranger and more wonderful.”