Bushwick Notebook

In case you’re a goody goody who doesn’t go out on a school night, and thus you missed last night’s Bushwick Notebook Issue 2 launch party, do not despair — we’ve got you! As is becoming a good tradition, yesterday we rented a U-Haul van and distributed thousands of magazines throughout Bushwick. (Shout out to the fearless distribution duo, Ken and Nekoro!)

Deciding who gets a batch of freshly pressed magazines, we gave priority to local businesses who advertised in this issue and thus single-handedly helped us make this magazine a physical reality. So please pop in to this lovely places, pick up Bushwick Notebook and perhaps buy a coffee/sandwich/whatever else those good people offer because truly without them there would be no magazine! If you somehow cannot make it to these businesses, or you don’t actually live in Bushwick (which is fine, we still love you), you can also buy Issue 2 online for $7.

And don’t forget to tag your the selfies of yourself reading Bushwick Notebook #BushwickNotebook !

Here’s the list:

ART 3, 109 Ingraham Ave

Secret Project Robot, 389 Melrose St

The Paper Box, 17 Meadow St

Amancay’s Diner, 2 Knickerbocker Ave

Central Station, 84 Central Ave

Champs Diner, 197 Meserole St

Divine Bar & Grill, 896 Broadway

Industry 1332, 1332 Halsey St

Left Hand Path, 89 Wyckoff Ave

Maite, 159 Central Ave

MILES, 101 Wilson Ave

Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan

Pizza Party, 254 Irving Ave

The Shop Brooklyn, 234 Starr St

Barcey’s, 140 St. Nicholas St.

Central Cafe, 108 Central Ave

Fair Weather Bushwick, 277 Wyckoff Ave

Kave Espresso Bar, 119 Knickerbocker Ave

Milk & Pull, 778 Seneca Ave

Milk & Pull, 181 Irving Ave

Stateside Bushwick, 203 Wilson Ave

Daya Yoga Studio, 360 Jefferson St

La Luz, 135 Thames St

Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St

The 1896, 592 Johnson Ave

Chess & the Sphinx, 252 Knickerbocker Ave

CSI Rentals Bushwick, 11389 Flushing Ave

CSI Rentals Manhattan, 133 W 19th St

Harvest Cyclery, 1158 Myrtle Ave

Henry’s Wine & Spirit, 69 Central Ave

Hops and Hocks, 2 Morgan Ave

Molasses Books, 770 Hart St

Other note-worthy locations: Mary Meyer, fine+raw, Pickthorn, 56 Bogart, The Loom.

And for the businesses who are sad that they didn’t make it to Issue 2, do not despair. Issue 3 is coming out for the winter. Get in touch with us at ken[at]bushwickdaily.com today to reserve a spot on Bushwick Discovery Map and/or on the pages.