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A Brooklyn man fatally shot his girlfriend in their basement apartment at 248 Suydam St. near Knickerbocker Ave. Police say that Bryan Gonzalez, 34, shot his girlfriend in the head around 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. Afterwards, witnesses say he ran outside and into Great Land Deli, shirtless and covered in blood. The victim was 33-year-old Tonya Collazo.

“He came in with blood on his face, and said, ‘Call the police, I killed my girlfriend in the house by accident,’” said local bodega cashier Gimel Aoradia, 32 to the NY Post.

The suspect then tried to grab two knives from the bodega’s deli counter, Aoradia said. A worker knocked one of the blades to the floor, but the suspect ran back into the street with the smaller knife. Gonzalez claimed he was playing with the .40-caliber handgun and it accidentally went off, police sources said.

Gonzalez is facing murder charges, criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance.

The victim, Tonya Collazo

Tonya Collazo

The family of Tanya Collazo is asking for donations to help her son Jeremiah. You can donate to their GoFundMe page here.