The recent discovery of an empty casket in Bushwick sounds like one of those logical riddles, except that it’s a really disturbing one. Just think about it: There is a casket, empty. It was found near a cemetery but no graves have been tempered with. So who did it, why and how? Was it a full moon ritual of a psychotic cult? Was it perhaps an old mob revenge that comes to haunt even the dead? Or was it something… gulp…paranormal?

Let’s see… Last night NYPD’s 83rd precinct tweeted a picture of a casket they found “with nobody in it.”

The casket was found yesterday around 6am on Pilling St in Bushwick, near Evergreen Cemetery. So far no graves seem to have been tempered with. However, there was evidence that the casket had been unearthed recently. According to NY Daily News the casket was covered in dirt and filled with trash and what may be human skeletal remains. The cops are working to confirm the human remains part.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear more details about this unusually disturbing find. In the mean time, we want to hear your theories in the comments.

Pilling St