The description of the project sounds like the founders just used Hipster Ipsum,  a generator of random pretentious BS text. Just see for yourself: “Brooklyn: For Real is a curated vérité glimpse into the non-linear lives of innovators and change makers.”

But you couldn’t be further from the truth. Brooklyn: For Real is a new hilarious parody video project of Daniel Solé, an aspiring screenwriter/filmmaker who according to his own words has absolutely zero credits to his name other than this project.

Four videos on Brooklyn: For Real portray Brooklyn’s finest archetypes: Artist, Activist, Meditator and Comedian, reminding us slightly of Portlandia. All of these archetypes are very commonly found in Bushwick, and several of the scenes were shot in our beloved neighborhood as well. While watching the videos, we were laughing out loud–on ourselves naturally.

“Calling yourself an artists–that’s so pretentious. I prefer a poet whose primary medium of expression is crime,” the Artist claims in the video while walking the streets of Brooklyn and proclaiming that the city is his canvas. “A regular person says: That’s not a canvas, that’s my garage,” he adds and sticks a tiny sticker on a wall. “To that I say: Are you my fuckin’ dad?”

“I spend a lot of time (probably too much) talking shit with friends about certain creative types in Brooklyn,” emailed us the founder of Daniel Solé. “The narcissism, lack of self-awareness, denial of reality, hypocrisy, etc… And on some level, I probably decided to mock those traits because I occasionally see them in myself as well (too deep?).”

Daniel told us that he wanted the final product to get viewers to maybe wonder even for the first few seconds of each episode: “Is this real?”

Brooklyn: For Real is not likely to continue beyond these four episodes because as Daniel told us “making more episodes of this project might be beating a decent joke to death.” But we’re not so sure. I mean how about a Brooklyn cupcake maker or an organizer of dinner loft parties? We feel like there’s plenty of good material out there.