To translate the transformation Bushwick has been through in the past couple of years is the goal of the upcoming long-awaited conference TEDxBushwick. This coming Saturday, March 21, ten carefully selected and trained speakers will take the stage at Livestream Public (195 Morgan Ave) and speak on a variety of subjects including healing effects of meditation; polyamory; gentrification and art; as well as creativity.

Ten speakers include Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York, Minerva Tantoco who will speak on Humanizing Tech. Poet Emanuel Xavier who will talk about Bushwick Bohemie while TV journalist Debra Alfarone’s talk is titled “Confessions of a reporter. Choose your words wisely.” Artist Rah Crawford will ask: “how can we protect our inspiration?,” and Leon Feingold who is a lawyer and a polyamory activist will talk about Bushwick’s fave subject. We know the speaker Hector Marcel primarily from Little Skips and their #BushwickLove party; at TEDxBushwick, he will tell us how to get rid of an angry boss. Physician, meditation teacher and author who lectures internationally on “meditation medicine” Jamie Zimmerman will deliver a talk named “The Power of the Gap.” Ben Ahrens will discuss the power of one long breath. Gallerist Ethan Pettit will address the elephant in the room and talk about art and its effects on gentrification. Performer Nick Demeris’ talk is called “Your Are Not Your Story.”

People interested to attend the event have been previously encouraged to apply, and accepted attendees were able to buy tickets earlier. The full price of a ticket is $100, however Bushwick residents were able to buy discounted tickets for $25.  TEDxBushwick is currently selling the very last full priced tickets; all the discounted tickets were sold out, so hurry up if you wish to attend.

Online gallery Sugarlift whose headquarters are located across the street from Livestream Public at 200 Morgan Ave is organizing an unofficial viewing and the tickets are $25.

A free viewing party will be hosted also by a nearby BBQ joint, Arrogant Swine (173 Morgan Ave), which will, however, fill up, as the organizers warned us.

The event will be also livestreamed and you can watch it here for free.

TEDxBushwick, Saturday, March 21, 9AM-5PM at Livestream Public, 195 Morgan Ave. Last tickets available here (password: Bushwick15).