Mr. Big and Nancy Botwin Were Filming in Bushwick

Bushwick’s distinctive Ulmer Brewery Office building at 31 Belvidere Street has seen its fair share of entertainment industry shoots in the past couple of years. GIRLS used the spot in seasons 2 and 4; last fall Elementary was there. The latest project to take it over has wrapped on the location already, but you should commit the name of this one to memory, because you’ll want to check this film out when it comes out in 2016.

Chris North image via Frontpage Mag
Mary Louise Parker. Image via

The film in question, entitled Chronically Metropolitan, is a comedy about a failed novelist trying to win back an ex, which sounds fun and all, we suppose. However, this plot line is made more interesting by the fact that the novelist’s parents are, respectively, a “Norman Mailer type” played by Chris Noth, the actor best known for his Golden Globe-nominated performance as Mr. Big on Sex and the City, and a self-medicating mother played by Mary-Louise Parker, a.k.a. Nancy Botwin on Weeds (side note: Big and Nancy would make a killer Bushwick Power Couple)! We’ve reached out to the production for additional information about its Bushwick shoot, and will update with any juicy details we can glean from them about the movie.

In the meantime: have you spotted any memorable film, television or fashion shoots around the neighborhood lately? Tell us about ’em in the comments below!

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