Burning Man Basically Happened in Bushwick Last Weekend [Video]

photo courtesy of @jessrancourt

Last weekend, aka the halfway point to Burning Man in Black Rock City, camps Thunder Gumbo and Icarus joined forces for “Freezing Sun / Burning Moon,” an art-car fundraiser rager like none we’ve ever seen before at The Wick/The Well in Bushw…..welllllll, East Williamsburg! Fire spinners, angels on stilts, blacklight painting, the best laser show in town, and 3 unique dance floors set the tone for the most diverse group of burners, ravers, hipsters (and even Manhattanites!) to come together and dance til dawn. The group of thousands even straddled the time/space continuum as we time time travelled together to meet daylight savings! Unfortunately we left our professional reporter’s cap at home, but we did take one video of one some of the most beautiful performers of the night as PROOF this night happened. Til next time, Thunder Gumbo

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