All images courtesy of Tiffany Nicole.

From the number of the vintage fashion stores that opened in Bushwick relatively recently, we probably love the most the $10 Vintage Fashion Trailer parked on Bogart St. Not only is everything $10 (hello!), we also love the DIY feel of shopping in a trailer and how friendly the owner Tiffany Nicole is.

And so we were super-psyched when Tiffany emailed us recently that she has opened their second location off Jefferson L train stop. “Our second spot is called The $10 Vintage Shop and it’s a showroom located at 16 Cypress Avenue between Jefferson and Troutman streets behind the graffiti gates,” read her email mysteriously. “Deliberately tucked away, we’ve set up the shop like a vintage fashion speakeasy with music and free whiskey in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. Right now it’s open on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-8pm or by appointment, with extended hours planned for spring and summer. Like our $10 mobile vintage truck (which is open daily from 3-10pm at 43 Bogart St), everything in the shop is $10, and we carry men’s and women’s vintage clothing, accessories, books, records, and housewares.”

To our surprise, The $10 Vintage Shop is not a trailer but an actual space. Although, nicely hidden. “And you must text 404-263-8550 to enter,” told us Tiffany.

Naturally, Tiffany and her crew have been pretty satisfied with the temperature in the space in comparison with the trailer: “It’s been great for the winter as it’s obviously more warm inside, but offers our customers more space to shop and hangout.”

Tiffany also told us that the Mobile Shop on Bogart St. has been doing great, and they just did a remodel of the trailer, so they’d have a new look for spring.

Tiffany Nicole opened her fashionable trailer on Bogart St. in spring of 2011 after she lost a least on her 3,500-square-foot clothing store at Greene Street in SoHo. She bought the trailer off Craigslist for $500 after the big Artist Trailer Park bust. Because once upon a time, way back when, in 2011, Bushwick had its own trailer park. Artist trailer park to be precise. But that’s a whole different story…