Applications for Summer Editorial Fellowship with Bushwick Daily Are Now Open!

Yes, our editorial meetings do resemble Fellowship of the Ring 😉

Are you passionate about writing and about Bushwick? Apply to Bushwick Daily’s summer editorial fellowship and enjoy both at the same time!

In the upcoming three months (July 1 through October 1) we are looking to collaborate with a group of 10 driven, highly motivated writers who are interested in a professional career in metro, lifestyle and/or cultural journalism.

About Bushwick Daily

Bushwick Daily is an award winning publication of almost 5 years in existence, during which time we have developed a sizable and loyal audience. Our mission is to serve and celebrate the greater area of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Having DIY roots, we strive to provide our readers with an interesting set of curated news relevant to the neighborhood, as well as to be a positively thinking platform for an open discussion about this vibrant community. Our coverage has been quoted by The New York Times, New York Magazine, NY Observer, Gothamist, DNAinfo, Brooklyn Magazine and many more.

About prospective fellows

We are looking for people who see themselves writing for top publications in New York City but perhaps need a little time, experience and primarily an opportunity to shine. During our fellowship you will develop a great portfolio of stories and get a “foot in the door.”

Our aim is to bring together a group of self-starters who are truly passionate about local news, this neighborhood and its unique energy.

Our ideal fellow is a great reader of the internet; social media and technology savvy; an independent thinker with a great command of English language.

We are looking for people with an interesting background and unique vision of world. We are particularly interested people who grew up in Bushwick and who perceived all its changes.

Time commitment

The Bushwick Daily Editorial Fellowship is not a full-time position; it is an unpaid opportunity, at the end of which you will receive a certificate including a superlative that best describes your abilities (the most viral, the most opinionated, etc).

You will not be doing any coffee runs. You will be writing 2-3 stories per week (depending on your availability) and you will be required to attend editorial meetings on Monday nights at a Bushwick office space. You will be in contact with the editorial board of Bushwick Daily via email and Google groups the rest of the time.

You will learn

You will learn how to transform great ideas into effective Internet articles;

You will get to express and cultivate your own voice;

You will learn to write headlines specifically for an Internet publication that bring traffic without the disappointment of an empty click bait;

You will learn how to read and understand traffic analytics and its relation to your work;

You will learn how to use tools for content scheduling and social media sharing;

In addition, you will be able to write for Bushwick Notebook, our brand new print publication and write for it;

You will create relationships with the most important players in Bushwick and with dozens of freelance writers and photographers.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, please fill out this form. The deadline is June 10, 2015.  Any questions? Email me at katarina[AT]

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