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Earlier this week we talked about how booze is eating up sizeable portions of our monthly budgets. One way to avoid that is to drink less (but who are we kidding)  or drink smartly (now I’m talking, I know). It turns out that during this very special time of the year (think V-Day around the corner), you can drink a beer at several of your fave Bushwick bars for  only $1. How come?

Our buddies Brokelyn have just released their 2015 Beer Books. Each one contains coupons for more than 30 beers for $30 at bars around Bushwick, Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bed-Stuy. They’re good for the whole year and act like a beer passport so you can try out new spots, or save some cash at your favorites.

On the Brokelyn beer list are awesome Bushwick spots like Boobie Trap, with its board games and bras, as well as Happyfun Hideaway well on their way to being neighborhood standards.

The books are selling quickly (the Park Slope-area edition sold out already!) but you’ve still got time. In fact, nothing says ‘I love you, bae” more than “here are 30 free beers now let’s get drunk!” You can order your Beer Book by Monday 5PM to still get it in time for V-Day. (Otherwise it will ship Wednesday, possibly still for V-Day but you never know.)

The bars included in Bushwick/East Williamsburg are: Boobie Trap, The Graham, Happyfun Hideaway, Left Hand Path, Matt Torrey’s, Montana’s, Pine Box Rock Shop, Reclamation, plus these spots too: Beer Street, The Brew Inn,  Brooklyn Brewery, Brouwerij Lane, Dardy Bar, The Diamond, Dirck the Norseman, 4th Down, Full Circle, George & Jack’s, Glorietta Baldy, Jackbar, Left Hand Path, Lucky Dog, Nitehawk, No. 7 North, Northern Bell, Over the Eight, Passenger Bar, Project Parlor, Rocka Rolla, Skinny Dennis, South 4th, Sugarburg and Videology.

The good news is that the proceeds from the Beer Books go to support Brokelyn’s staff fund and its continuing service journalism efforts to help you keep living big on small change.