You may have heard the buzz… grammy-nominated hip hop artist and Drake-tourmate ILoveMakonnen has been hanging out in Bushwick lately and will cause a frenzy at Silent Barn TONIGHT. But don’t count on hearing “Tuesday”— not because it’s Monday— but because he’s playing tonight with his DIY project Phantom Posse, whose vibe floats around in the romantic and jangly ambient/jazzy/electro-shoegaze realm.

Phantom Posse is a internet (and real life) crew of musicians and artists, strung together by ringleader Eric Littman (aka Steve Sobs), who played our own Christmas Party back in 2012 with his outfit Phantom Power. Also performing tonight are our friends Nadia Hulett (whom we interviewed about her role in Karen O’s Stop the Virgens in 2011), Chris Masullo (of Nicholas Nicholas), Thomas Beddoe (Cheetah Lamp), Cale Isreal, Renne Anderson, and more. Atlanta-Based Makonnen and NYC-local Littman first met over the internet in 2012 and started sharing and collaborating on DIY tracks. And though Makonnen has been busy blowing the fuck up over in the hip hop world, he’s still carving out time and heart to work with the Brooklyn-based crew, and performed with them at Silent Barn in October 2014. The Fader reported that “DIY Makonnen is Alive And Well,’ and indeed, he appears on 3 songs on Home, the group’s latest album, which they released last week and you can stream below.

Head over to Silent Barn as early as you can tonight to glimpse this epic collective do their thang.

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