24-hours ago, Brooklyn based DJ, iMarkkeyz posted a fun remix on his Soundcloud page and invited his fans to participate in a Vine challenge. The catchy loop goes: “Jefferson and Bushwick. I’ll meet you at the corner,” and we already can’t get it out of our heads. Thanks, man… If this is a promotion of his new song, he succeeded!

In the description, iMarkkeyz added: “If you don’t have a vine, you won’t get the purpose of this,” which is probably true. The song will be taken down at 4PM this Friday, so if you want to join in, you gotta chop chop.

What have the Viners posted so far? Check it out. And don’t forget to hashtag #AtTheCornerChallenge

Oh yeah!

This one is just hilarious…


Some street action…

And I just looove this Xmas tree action. Thank god they didn’t take the tree down yet!

Thanks Jeremy Nguyen for the tip!