Yo, Bushwick. We couldn’t otherwise but to join the massive end-of-the-year-all-internet-round-up of the most popular articles.  Digging deep into our analytics, we found out what you guys read the most in the glorious year of 2014.

But beware, Bushwick, this isn’t the top 10 of Bushwick Daily’s most sophisticated articles; this is the Bushwick version of cat memes. So we have topless Miley, Bushwick-loving celebrities, SantaCon and our fake news about Madonna buying Cheap Storage building on Wyckoff Ave. At the same time I am personally glad that my story about catcalling resonated with so many of you; or that you dug our post about living at Colony 1209.

Check out these 10 most read articles on Bushwick Daily in 2014, and stay tuned also for the top 10 posts nominated by the editors!

#1 Seven Hottest Spots Showing 2014 FIFA World Cup In Bushwick & a Little Beyond!

Whoa! Our number one article this year was actually quite a surprise! You guys really enjoyed watching 2014 FIFA World Cup in Bushwick, didn’t you? So let’s ponder all the fun and cheer we experienced together; let’s clap our hands for all the free hot dogs at The Rookery; let’s cherish the memory of big screen at Lot 45, and let’s make one more wohooo for Germany, the winner, and yeaha for USA who didn’t play all too bad either!

#2 Vomit Town USA: SantaCon 2014 is Coming to Bushwick

The entire Bushwick and beyond was clicking with terror on this one earlier in November. A Bushwick bar owner tipped us off that the infamous drunken annual bar crawl SantaCon was headed to Bushwick this year. Fortunately for the neighborhood, the douchy Santas were not welcomed in our slice of Brooklyn. The bars rejected to participate altogether and the Council Member Rafael Espinal send the organizers a displeased open letter, which resulted in the drunken ship to land in Manhattan instead. Pheww!

#3 Miley Cyrus Raved in Bushwick Topless This Past Weekend

It’s a good thing that these days celebs act as their own paparazzi and document every single silly thing they do. Like when Miley went to Club Shade with Alexander Wang during fashion week, and decided to wear nothing but her skin. And well, a set of ice cream cone pasties over her nipples and sunglasses decorated with colorful pills.

Apparently that’s not a rush on her chest, it’s glitter, duuuh.

#4 Say Goodbye to the Diviest of Bushwick Dive Bars; Wreck Room Is Closing After 9 Years

I’d put money on the fact that everyone who clicked on this post in 2014 has probably experienced their own heavy intoxication aka being a wreck at Wreck Room at one point of their life. To make you tear here a little, we’ve heard of a couple who met at Wreck Room and ended up even married. Aww. Just imagine the story for their kids.

#5 The Bushwick Coffee Shop Posts Disturbing Anti-Semitic Rant on Their Instagram [Updated]

No, no, and once again no.

#6 14 Bushwick-Loving Celebrities Who Hang Out and/or Live in the Neighborhood

Oh, celebrities. In Bushwick, we love spotting you and pretending like we’re totes cool, we don’t even know who you are, and then go on a crazy tweeting rampage about you.  In August, we compiled a list of celebs spotted (in some cases definitely more than once) in Bushwick. You loved this list. Numbers don’t lie.

#7 Welcome to the Neighborhood, Penn Badgley. xoxo, Bushwick Daily

And, Penn Badgely apparently moved to the neighborhood as well.

#8 Catcalling is NOT Flattering: Why I Stopped Running in Bushwick

Catcalling and street harassment have received a lot of attention in the media in the past couple of months. And Bushwick women couldn’t be happier that there is a public debate around this issue. Unfortunately, the comments to this post showed how far we still have to go…

#9 Breaking News: Madonna Bought Cheap Storage Building to Create a Rooftop Restaurant

And once again, guys, this one was an April joke!

Photo by Olavtenbroek via Wikimedia Commons

#10 How Is Life at Bushwick’s Most Controversial New Building, Colony 1209

Luxury apartment building Colony 1209 has arrived to Bushwick with a big bang and even bigger backlash by the media for their pretty offensive marketing language. We were invited to see for ourselves how is life at the Bushwick’s most controversial building.