Try “Something Different” This Friday at a Secret Location in Bushwick

Images courtesy of Something Different

The beauty of the Bushwick area is that there’s always something more to discover. A mini oasis of festivals, great food, art and secret locations… Speaking of secrets, a new event is launching this week with a mysterious twist – its location won’t be revealed until the event day of on Friday, December 12th. Let’s just say it involves a wicked harp, some swanky tunes blended manually (as well as in analog form), and lots of good people from everywhere!

Behind this mystery event is Something Different – an interactive art collective bringing together a melting pot of many ideas in my head look cooler in person moments. Something Different foreshadows “top notch live musical performances, interactive installation art , gastronomical creations, and of course a freaky dance floor,”  launching Friday night from 10 pm to 4 am.

While PJoe’s trancetacular sounds will have you lost in sheer paradise as the night progresses, Digital Dharma brings the perfect crossover of electronic music and live instrumentation. In addition to these two heavyweights, the public can enjoy interactive art installations by the amazing Amalia McCallister. Bettina Behjat Banayan & Taylor Falco will guide the audience through some experimental gastronomy so bring your bottomless stomachs. If that weren’t enough to satisfy one’s night, the young NY DJ Max August is on the 1’s and 2’s spinning tunes of the 1980’s and 90’s. Also, the Brooklyn based DJ, Tuckahoe showcases a style that is cosmic but earthly.

The personal touch of this concept adds a certain flair that gives event goers an experience like no other.  If you are ready to break free from the norm, then try something different…

Something Different launches Friday, December 12th from 10PM to 4AM. The location will be announced to ticket holders the day of the event. All pre-sale tickets are available at

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