SantaCon 2006. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday we informed you that the infamous annual bar crawl SantaCon has sent a letter to Bushwick bars announcing that this year’s drunk fest will be held in Bushwick on December 13. The bar crawl for which the participants dress up as Santa or other Christmas characters starts at 10AM and officially goes until 2PM, however late afternoon and evening hours are usually accompanied by public urination, vomiting and vandalism.

“It’s the absolute worst thing ever,” told us a Bushwick bar owner who received this email. “I can’t think of anyone that would let drunk vomiting Santas into their bars in this hood,” he continued. 

Bushwick in unison rejected the idea of SantaCon in Bushwick. Bushwick’s Council Member Rafael Espinal, Jr., Chair of the Consumer Affairs Committee and a representative of Bushwick issued the following statement:

“I understand the original idea of SantaCon was to celebrate the holiday spirit by raising money for charities and supporting local businesses owners, but over the years it has grown out of control and left participating neighborhoods in shambles. Bushwick is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the country because of its cool, low-key, diverse community, and we want to keep it that way. I think I speak for many of my constituents and bar patrons when I say that we’re not ready for a ‘Santification’ of Bushwick. I am urging all bar and restaurant owners to not participate in this holiday tradition. While the SantaCon organizers are promising an increase in revenue, I think it is safe to say that Bushwick  is doing well without it. We should continue pushing for events like ‘Bushwick Open Studios’ that enrich the community, not exploit it.”

Bushwick bars alike reacted with unpleased comments on their social media: Pearl’s Social & Billyclub posted:

There’s no way anyone dressed as Santa will be allowed to come into Pearl’s during this ridiculous charade. Don’t ruin Christmas for all the children in Bushwick by dressing like Santa Claus and getting ridiculously drunk. No child wants to see Santa Claus passed out in a pool of his own vomit on the sidewalk. Shame on Santacon.

Three Diamond Door reacted similarly:

We will NOT be participating in Santacon AT ALL when it comes through Bushwick. I am hoping all of the other bars and restaurants in the neighborhood stay away from this shit, too. If you planned on coming to our bar as part of Santacon – you will not be welcomed.

Some of our readers’ reactions from Facebook:

nope nope nope. how do we organize against this?

Totally cool w all Bushwick bars closing on this day.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all the Santa’s get beaten up!

Bushwick is the new Hoboken?

The letter from SantaCon organizers to Bushwick bar owners stated that this year the bar crawl is “partnering with the local police precinct, community board and parks department,” none of which seems to be true. Representatives of Community Board 4, nor 83rd Police Precinct have heard about SantaCon coming to Bushwick according to DNAinfo.


Many of our readers have been asking how they can prevent this event from happening in our neighborhood. One good way is to attend Community Board 4 meeting  tomorrow, on Wednesday at 6pm at Hope Gardens Multi-Service Center at 195 Linden Street (corner of Wilson Avenue) and express your opinion.

A website called with a  Twitter account has been posting since yesterday about possible ways of opposing SantaCon.

Just say #NoSantaCon in Bushwick. — Nick Klaus (@boycottsantacon) November 17, 2014

Are you still wondering about SantaCon in Bushwick? Just watch these videos of the drunk crowd from last year: