Hi Bushbabies,

Your editor here. So today is a huge day for Bushwick Daily. We have just launched our first ever crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to develop our new & awesome platform (an app and a new site) called Village, which we believe will be da bomb for Bushwick!

So what the hell is Village?

We have been working on the concept of Village for over a year now. Plenty of data analysis, research, interviews and yes, even one semester-long fellowship at Tow Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism went into this. We believe that Village will be a true game-changer in the way we consume local news and other local information.

The goal of Village is to create stronger ties between the members of our community by connecting the residents with local businesses in a new, meaningful way. Village will foster loyalty and the sense of belonging to a community. Village will replace the existing Bushwick Daily website (but don’t worry! The name Bushwick Daily will stay!), and will bring together our articles with local events and a database of local business enhanced with loyalty features.

What does Village do?

Whether on your phone or on your laptop, you will be able to navigate through an interactive map of local businesses administered by the businesses themselves. Local businesses will be able to offer local rewards and you’ll be able to redeem them using your smartphone. The most loyal Villagers, will be rewarded with special treatment wherever they go. Think a free glass of wine here, VIP access there- all because we believe that for your loyalty, you should be treated like Bushwick Royalty.

All of the Village features will be working in symbiosis with Bushwick Daily content, providing you guys with a very unique content driven experience enhanced by database and loyalty features.

How much we’re raising

We’re raising $25,000, which is the cost of development of Village (think design, UX design and code).  After extensive research, we have decided to work with the agency Kunst und Kollegen, who have capabilities and workforce to build this the way we’ve imagined it. And yes, they are designing as we speak.

It’s all or nothing

Our campaign is all or nothing. We have 30 days to raise $25,000 or we don’t get any of it. In other words, we REALLY NEED YOU HELP RIGHT NOW! And to make it really sweet for you, we have worked with local businesses and prepared a bunch of totally awesome rewards!

Rewards are the best

If I were you, I’d be already donating because the rewards are limited in quantity! Say you’d like to take your date on a deliciously romantic dinner at Tutu’s in the value of $50 but you have only $35. With our rewards, you can do just that! My personal favorite reward must be the Cocktail Party for 5 people @ MILES for only $100 (The party includes a cocktail per person, cheese plate per table and a famous farewell shot at the end for everybody). Or you’re an artist just starting out in Bushwick and you don’t know anybody. Well, Christopher Stout of Bushwick Art Crit Group, will take you to his fave galleries and introduce you to his curator friends. Oh, let’s not forget a day in at Monsterland recording studio or a massage from Bhati! All for much less you’d pay in real life.

We’ve got merch!

We have a bunch of special rewards baked in the Bushwick Daily oven as well. For one, we will interview you on any Bushwick related subject if you back us. And we finally created some super-rad Bushwick Daily merch! We have a “Totes Bushwick” tote bag, and a “Bushwick Royalty” beanie. I personally can’t wait to wear mine 😉

Why Beacon Reader, not Kickstarter?

We decided to launch our campaign on Beacon Reader because it is a crowdfunding campaign specific to journalism projects, unlike the more general nature of Kickstarter campaigns. Moreover, Beacon Reader was conceived in Bushwick! Plus they were really kind to us and personally helped us out to put this campaign together. Besides, Beacon Reader is a startup just like us and we want to support them.

Finally, where do I back?

I won’t say a word more, just back us here. Claim your rewards and let me know if you have any questions or ideas!


Katarina & the Bushwick Daily team