Tuesday People X Curbs and Stoops

is an art exhibition compiled for Bushwick Open Studios ’11. All of the 14 participating artists were previously featured in the

Tuesday People series

here on Bushwick Daily. Each of the artists was assigned a creative partner and a task to create work inspired by the encounter with the other person in their own media.  The assignment lead to a surprising, interactive and community-driven art show. You should definitely come to the Closing Party on July 8, 7-11pm at

Curbs and Stoops

, 566 Johnson.

One of very few creative pairs who actually knew each other before they were assigned to work together are James Marshall and Frank Rathbone. They’ve been buddies for couple of years. For the show they decided to make portraits of each other, and caused many brains to overheat. This is why:

Who has been to Little Skips knows James Marshall for sure. Not only he works as a barista there, he also made the most distinctive art that has been hanging there. Let’s mention a girl with four arms, portraits of Bushwick locals, or  a girl with multiple eyes. James Marshall is also the author of the super-awesome Bushwick Daily logo. This one:

Frank Rathbone is a musician, the frontman of the cult Bushwick band Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces, and if you haven’t met him or haven’t seen his band yet, you seriously don’t go out in Bushwick enough. Here is one of the most popular songs by Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces, Five Dimensions.