Tuesday People X Curbs and Stoops

is an art exhibition compiled for Bushwick Open Studios ’11. All of the 14 participating artists were previously featured in the

Tuesday People series

here on Bushwick Daily. Each artist was assigned a pair and given an assignment to create work inspired by the encounter with the other person in their own media.  The assignment lead to a surprising, interactive and community-driven art show, which is on view through July 3 at

Curbs and Stoops

, 566 Johnson 1-7pm or per appointment.

Truly intersting creative pair was formed by a Veng RWK and Katelan Foisy.

Veng RWK is a street artist, proud member of the Robots Will Kill collective, whose square faces became inseparable part of Bushwick walls, doors and galleries. I like how Katelyn Foisy, when painting Veng’s portrait, pointed out Veng’s split between the world of street and fine art. And Veng is rocking them both….

It’s really hard to find a suitable label for Katelan Foisy , because she is a woman of multiple talents. She is a painter, illustrator, but also a writer. She gladly accepts the role of muse to many artists, and is frequetly being painted or photographed. Furthermore, Kat, as an offspring of European gipsies, posses certain psychic abilities, and is known for her tarot card readings. That’s what seemed the most fascinating to Veng, who decided to portray 3 tarot cards, one for past, one for present, and one for future. When I asked if Katelan read tarot for Veng,  he said no, because he was too scared. That’s probably why Veng made up his own version of tarot… I mean… Insect Fool? Bird Woman? 🙂