Instagram Takeover – Nicole Fara Silver – band poster – music week

If there’s one thing we know about Bushwick, it’s that there is a lot of noise. The elevated train tracks, the music blasting from the cars zooming by, the kids screaming at each other because one fouled the other in a game of pick-up basketball in the park…Bushwick is full of noise. Or, as it were, music.

Last week, Nicole Fara Silver noticed the musicality of the neighborhood and set out to capture some moments, both planned and spontaneous. Look out for record shopping (music!), ice cream trucks (music!), sidewalk keyboarding (music!), and more. Scroll down for some samples and head over to our Instagram feed for the rest.

Alberto Vargas, a photographer who grew up skateboarding the borders of Ridgewood and Bushwick is the guest Insta-Takeover photographer this week! He is currently working on the documenting hip hop culture and the changing face of the places he grew up. His theme is an extension of a series he’s working on called “Corners, ” and he’ll be highlighting the contrast between the textures of old rundown buildings and new shiny condos. Not quite sure how he’ll do it? Check out the page and see if you can spot your building in Bushwick – some people already have!

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*We can’t actually guarantee that it’ll take 30 seconds. It depends on how fast you type, obvi.

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