Instagram Takeover – Elizabeth Fisher – Black & white – kids, jefferson street L stop

What’s more classic than a photograph in black & white? Guest Insta-Takeover photographer Elizabeth Fisher set out to celebrate Bushwick’s classic character via B&W photographs. She filled the feed with over 80 fantastic shots of Bushwick’s residents, cars, streets, trash (or treasures?), skies, and more. Elizabeth’s week turned out to be several of our Instagram followers’ favorite Insta-Takeover thus far, which means you don’t want to miss all the classic action. Scroll down to see some of our faves and head over to our Instagram page for the rest.

This week brings Andrew Wilchak to the forefront. A photographer and Apple consultant who went to school in the Hudson Valley, Andrew enjoys authentic portraiture and weird colors. He is using his Insta-Takeover to focus on, you guessed it, Bushwick fridges and the people who stock them. A zany quest for a zany website – we love it. Stay tuned to Bushwick Daily’s Instagram this week for more!

Wanna be the next photographer to take over our Instagram? Check out our Call for Photographers for more info and apply HERE!

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