Photo by Henry Miller for Bushwick Daily

There’s a new vintage store in town and they mean business. Beacon’s Closet is opening a new location on 24 Bogart Street between Cook and Varet, right next to Tutu’s, one of neighborhood’s best food/drink/dancing locales. There is also New York Loft Hostel, Green Fitness Gym and Fox & Fawn, another vintage store that expanded to the neighborhood from Greenpoint  located in the immediate area.

The staff of Beacon’s Closet confirmed that the store is meant to open today, so those of you who cannot wait to spend money on a brand new pair of desert boots or a summer shirt should get down there as soon as possible. We are waiting for an official comment from the management, which we requested a couple of days ago. [UPDATE: Additionally, we were informed that Beacon’s Closet is opening in fact tomorrow, i.e. June 9 at 1PM. Sorry if you went and it was closed.]

Beacon’s Closet also has a very popular exchange service, and will give you cash on the spot for your beat-up, worn-out whatever-it-is (provided that their highly trained fashion hunting eyes deem your scraps worthy of their pristine racks, else you’ll find yourself on the (in)famous walk of shame from Beacon’s Closet).

One of the biggest vintage stores in New York, Beacon’s Closet was once a retail shop of (sorta) humble beginnings located on North 11th Street off Bedford L train stop in Williamsburg and it is still co-owned by its founder Carrie Peterson. It has since been priced out from Williamsburg, and moved to a much bigger space in Greenpoint (leaving its original location in Williamsburg for VICE to move it).  Beacon’s Closet has also expanded to Greenwich Village, Park Slope, and newly to Bushwick.

Expect a full review soon!