The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For: M Will Now be Running on Weekends! (Does Cartwheels)

Yes! You read that right. Yes, the M train has now stuck to its word (circa July 2013, see below) and will be running its full course starting Sunday, June 8. Just when you thought summer in the the city couldn’t get any sweeter the M train decides to give us the most fabulous present of them all – the gift of service [sigh]. Take a look!:

That is right M train will operate between Metropolitan Av in Queens and Delancey St/Essex St in Manhattan, providing additional service at Flushing Av, Lorimer St, Hewes St and Marcy Av with a new weekend transfer between the F and M available at Delancey St/Essex St.

And because I was paranoid that this was some mean joke (hey, trust no one and all), I did some further research:

And, finally, since we will be having this new surge of service, here is a link to the M’s new Weekend Timetable which goes into effect Sunday June 8. Got to polish up on my M train literature!

BUT remember there is still one stipulation – the M train will still be shortening its service late nights.

Now can please someone make a remix of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town” substituting “the boys” with “the M”?

As always, happy riding! Remember to check out for any last minute changes.

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