So you’re looking for a new best friend/roommate; that faux fur coat of yours doesn’t fit your image anymore; or you just want to buy a cheap acoustic guitar to play Beach Boys and sing in a high pitched voice on your roof? We’ve got some something just for you! We have new(ish) Classifieds! We cancelled the old system, and replaced it with a cool feed of community announcements, which we believe serves the purpose better.

It is entirely free to submit whatever you want to share with Bushwick community (no profanity please, unless of course you have a good reason to swear), with the exception of apartment rentals and press releases–those are $20.

To participate, just fill out our form, and allow for 24 hours to pass for your ad to appear. Yes, we do it manually!

Oh, and if you want an extra boost for your announcement, we added an option to pay $15 and we will tweet your ad with @BushwickDaily Twitter (~6k followers). (It will say #sponsored because it’s the law.)

Guys, I’m also thinking about changing the name “Classifieds” into something more Bushwick. Do you have any suggestions? Share in the comments section.

Thank you! And happy sharing!