Instagram Takeover – Lucia Reed – Up Close & Bushwick – lady walking, brick wall

Bushwick Daily resident photographer Lucia Reed took the reins on her second Insta-takeover with a theme we couldn’t wait for her to unveil, “Up Close & Bushwick.” Her time behind the shutter was filled with close-ups, portraits and, yes, both food and pets! We loved her pics, and we have a feeling you will too. Scroll down for some of our favorite moments and make sure hit up our Instagram feed to catch the rest.

This week brings yet another guest photographer to the forefront – Lucrezia Alcorn is an aspiring handbag and shoe designer who was born in Italy to artist parents, and grew up in upstate NY. She moved to Bushwick in 2010 on a whim, but she soon realized that she’d moved into a “gem of a neighborhood.” Lucrezia’s theme for the week is #NextStopDeKalb; she plans to highlight the faces and places in and around the DeKalb stop off the L train, her very own subway stop. She aims “to capture the character and charm of the many faces I see on a regular basis – some I’m very close to, and others that are friendly strangers.”

We can’t wait to virtually meet some more of our DeKalb neighbors this week! Stay tuned and check out Lucia’s work below…


Do you want to be the next photographer to take over our Instagram? We’re accepting applications. (And it will take you 30 seconds max, we promise.) Submit your info here!

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