Once upon a time there was this amazing place called Bushwick where places like Paper Swan Loft exist. Paper Swan is a collective of musicians, filmmakers, producers, but mainly friends who moved in to the loft on 260 Moore #301 in Bushwick in 2008 simply because they wanted to play music together, get to know and support the community through organization of Roots and Bluegrass music events. And they were really successful at it! They have a great history of music events in their loft and lately they’ve been asked to host a series of 9 music nights at Union Hall, all the profit of which goes to benefit various charity organizations. (We wrote about the Union Hall events here.)

This weekend Paper Swan is proudly hosting Melodica Accoustic Festival in their Bushwick loft. The guys invited about 20 bands and performers who will start playing at 5pm on Saturday and at 4pm on Sunday.

Melodica Festival is an international music event started by Peter Uhlenbruch in 2007. Its mission is to celebrate local music scenes around the world and to provide an invaluable platform for emerging artists, musicians and songwriters and to develop new creative friendships. The festival currently operates in Melbourne (Australia), Hamburg (Germany), Reykjavik (Iceland), Brighton (UK), Aarhus (Denmark) and newly in Bushwick!

The Swan guys say that even babies like acoustic music and the atmosphere of their loft is truly magical. Additionally, the admission is free. Check out their website for photos and videos of their previous events and mainly come this weekend!

Who: Paper Swan Collective

Where: The Swan Loft at 260 Moore St. #301 in Bushwick

Admission: Free!

Line up:


5:00 Lina Paul

5:45 Chris Faroe

6:30 Kendy Gable + Free Advice

7:15 Elliot Rayman

8:00 Scott Rudd

8:45 Morgan O’Kane

9:30 Will Stratton

10:15 Chimneys

11:00 Whale Belly

11:45 The Slick Skillet Serenaders


4:00 Laura Dunn

4:45 Chris Fuller

5:30 Cal Folger Day

6:15 Beezy Douglas

7:00 Anthony da Costa

7:45 Plume Giant

8:30 Aunt Martha

9:15 Great Elk

10:00 Tall Tall Trees