Instagram takeover – Collin Erickson – balloons and telephone wire

It’s Monday, which means another fabulous photographer begins her #BushwickDaily Insta-Takeover – and we have a feeling you’ll like this week’s theme (hint: #BDSexy). Katie Killary is a graphic designer/photographer/contributor on our arts team who likes to put a poetic spin on the art reviews and weekly art picks. She took over the Bushwick Daily instagram back in December and this time around will be straying a little from her usual PG-rated personality by seeking the sexy side of Bushwick. Not limited to Bushwick’s beautiful women and handsome men with come-hither stares, Katie will also focus on the art, food, cocktails, and much more! Make sure to #BDSexy to let Katie know the sexy things you are creating, wearing, hearing, seeing, etc.

While you wait for Katie’s sexy photos to arrive, make sure to peruse Collin Erickson‘s time behind the camera for Bushwick Daily’s Instagram feed. Collin spent his week traipsing about the neighborhood, reflecting on his wonderful time living on the Bushwick/Bed-Stuy border. Coincidentally, Collin moved out of Bushwick at the end of his week, so he used his Insta-takeover to visually document his final days here. Take a look at his powerful photos; they’re brimming with nostalgia and appreciation for the ‘hood. We’re going to miss having Collin around! 

Scroll down for the highlights and make sure to check the full feed for Katie’s photos this week!

Interested in participating in a #BushwickDaily Insta-takeover? Submit a quick application here!


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