If you’re an artists looking for a studio in Bushwick, we might have something really great for you. Art accessibility think tank

Curbs & Stoops

have just started to accept applications to rent out individual studios in their active space at 566 Johnson Ave, which open 2 months ago on

Beat Nite


If you’re lucky and get a studio with Curbs & Stoops, it’s not only a lease agreement you’re becoming a part of; you will become a part of a progressive cultural center and a dynamic network of young artists. The founders of Curbs & Stoops, Ashley Zelinskie and Jeffrey Peña curate shows of works of people in the building, throw events, host residencies and invite international artists for visits.  To learn more about Curbs & Stoops, the idea behind and its history, read our interview with Ashley Zelinskie here.

Curbs & Stoops is accepting applications for about a month. Learn more and apply by emailing a single PDF document (lastname.first.pdf) with 10 work samples, artist statement and a CV to [email protected]