Winter Wonderland, blah blah blah… Yes, it’s snowing/freezing/slushy-ing/icicles are falling and it’s really cold. Again. Aren’t we all a bit tired of the temperatures not getting above the 20s!? And yes, while we know that this cold, too, will end at some point, wouldn’t it be nice to go to a beach party… like… on Wednesday? Oh, wait, there is one! Right here in Bushwick! (Actually, in East Williamsburg- read this if you’re unsure of administrative borders; nevertheless it’s a beach party, in our part of New York!)

So Megan Kosmoski and her friends were hanging out at The Graham one day talking about how much this cold sucked, and “it started as a fun ‘we hate the cold’ idea and snowballed into something quite awesome,” Megan told us. “So what I am saying is all of Bushwick is invited because it is cold and we need to dance the chill away! We are dressing in Hawaiian shirts, cut-off, flip flops, and bandos, we are going to look pasty but we will be in a dark bar so no one will really notice anyway!”

What else to expect at a Bushwick beach party? Frozen Margaritas, $2 Tacos and lotsa sexy beach people! DJ LadyLyke will be spinning summer dancing tunes for your summer perfection. Oh, there is no cover. Thanks Megan and the gang!

RSVP on Facebook and see you at The Graham (or not see you because I will be wearing dark sunglasses!) at 190 Graham Ave!