We know you’re addicted to Instagram, and honestly we don’t blame you. Especially if you live in Bushwick, the most photogenic of all the neighborhoods! Murals, lofts, beautiful people, lovely dishes! Let’s take a look at what’s happening on Bushwick Daily’s Instagram since our account has been handed over week by week to awesome photographers…

Originally from London, Lucia Reed is a Graphic Designer who now lives in Brooklyn an, and spends  her spare time passionately pursuing photography and mixed martial arts. Lucia, a beloved member of Bushwick Daily, will be taking over the site’s Instagram account for the week! She’ll be profiling some of the ‘hood’s favorite bodegas for her takeover. We can’t wait to see what she posts!

Last week, Yaz Rosete set out to photograph Winter Bushwickland for her Insta Takeover. She took time to snap some shots both indoors and out. Scroll down to see some highlights – but definitely head over to the full feed to see all the fancy food pics, serene indoor shots, and epic aerials.

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