M train’s platform 12/18 after the L train failed us once again (photo by Erin Wicks for Bushwick Daily).

I know that after the sticky situation the L train got itself into yesterday, the last word one would associate with the MTA is “like.” However, after obsessively checking the Bushwick Train Trifecta’s (L, M, J for the newbies and no, the Z is not present enough for me to count it. Sorry Z!) planned service changes and interruptions and finding nothing, “like” is the first word that comes to mind. This train presence hopefully has just made your holiday travel agenda a bit easier.

As usual, check mta.info for any up to date service changes (such as the L forgetting to chargeā€¦Am I the only one picturing the L train plugged into an outlet?)

Happy holidays and, as always, happy riding!