All of us at Bushwick Daily would like to wish you a very sexy October 31st! We’ve rung in this festive day with Spooky Events (including a haunted canoe ride and scary movie screenings), Forgotten Spooky Sites from North Brooklyn (cemeteries and haunted skulls in Bushwick?!), and the Top Halloween events happening today and tomorrow.

To fully get you in the spirit, we’re releasing a Bushwick Daily video that we took at our wicked good time at BangOn!‘s Warehouse of Horrors last weekend. So, if you’re into elaborate costumes, electronic music, sexy parygoers, and some high-end lighting performances, this is the video for you! If you’re not into those things, you should probably pull that stick out of your ass and take a peer at the Brooklyn underground rave scene and check out a lot of people having a reaaaally good time. Big thanks to Matt Dilandro at