After their spectacular summer series of international performance artists, Grace Space has been pretty quiet the last few months. Tonight, they’re finally back! The performance art space’s first show of the fall will be tonight at 9:30 PM, featuring Antoni Karwowski (from Poland), the collective SUKA OFF (also Polish), and Gabriela Mureb (from Brazil). The show is part of the Queer NY International Arts Festival— a new festival featuring works and performances which “explore and broaden the concept of ‘queer (in) art’.”

Karwowski first worked as an artist in the context of the communist regime in Poland, and now his work focuses on how the past mixes with our present reality. He says, “I play a ‘game’ within the realms of reality, memory, and vision. In their common tension I search for evidence of universal clarity.” SUKA OFF is a two-member collective and their works range from video art to club actions. Their work deals with, among many other themes, the interaction between the human body and our postindustrial environment in its many forms— the steel and concrete, as well as the iPhone and laptop. Gabriela Mureb’s piece, “Untitled Performance,” features her trapped in a situation from which she cannot escape. She tries, though she knows she cannot succeed, at the impossible task. Described as a “voluntary, contemporary sisyphus,” her work deals with the frustration of struggle and inevitable failure.

The doors open at nine, there’ll be a beer and wine bar, and three performances that are bound to be fascinating. If you’re not up for trekking all over Bushwick for Beat Nite, check out the show at Grace Space tonight instead!

Performances start at 9:30 and doors open at 9 at Grace Space 480 Broadway. $20 suggested donation.