Well… right here, from the top of the page, I should probably warn every lost soul surfing the internets instead of panicking somewhere on Meserole Street in loads of snow due the increasing celebration insanity… I am listening to nostalgic, smootchi, fuzzy, my-puppy-got-lost type of music. It sorta brings me to reflect on 2010 and on where I am going, who am I, whether I’m enough and whether the world is enough (I mean, it can’t be just me, it has to be also them). And what about mankind? I might even shed a tear for the orphans in Chad…

In any case, 2010 was crazy. Painfully crazy. Full of ups and downs. And I have astrology to explain this. Apparently, it wasn’t entirely easy for the most of us and it’s the universe to be blamed for the turbulences. Despite it all, there is one decision that I tend to call the “Decision of 2010” and that is moving to Bushwick. Out-of-Bushwick residents tend to blow Bushwick off, because the streets are not as pretty as, let’s say, Greenpoint. (At this point, I would like to make a small tiny point that among all the mess you can find on the streets, some items may be violently inspirational for photography, painting or simply for funny conversations with your friends. But that’s not what I want to write about). Bushwick isn’t about ugly streets, houses or the M train. Bushwick is mainly about the people and their stories; about inspiration; about being a bit naïve and going against the rationale of the strict uptight world. It is about hope, hope to make it, hope to do something meaningful with your life and spending some good time while at it. Bushwick is about inspiring others and letting others inspire you. Bushwick is about community. Unlike other places, Bushwick can still cherish the community sense and the people supporting and carrying about each other. And I am more than happy to be part of it and to be able to do my share by writing about what’s going on in the neighborhood. Bushwick Daily started like a simple photo blog, but is quickly becoming more than that. The site is becoming a platform for people to exchange their ideas. It is also a window for people who are contemplating a move to the neighborhood or others who are simply curious about what is being cooked in Bushwick. Furthermore, after the 1st contributor Pepe Lopez, also others of you expressed an interest to join me in creating the content. I heard completely awesome ideas and I cannot wait for 2011 to make it happen!

To conclude this post before I start crying and cause some irreparable damage to my laptop keyboard, I’d like to thank to all Tuesday People:

musician, tap dancer and Bushwick’s most favorite alien Joe Davenport,

great story teller, blogger & writer Jack Summers,

amazing coffee shop co-owner & the greatest sweetie Linda Thach,

amazing Bushwick people’s soul thief & photographer Axel Dupeux,

punk ziner, writer & Fireside Follies co-curator Eric Nelson,

musician, host & the prototype of a Bushwick resident Frank Rathbone,

always cheerful and curious photographer Rafael Fuchs,

artistic coffee creator & the saddest eyes painter James Marshall,

essayist & frequent awesomeness embracer Robin Grearson,

(and a true beast, Quel Beast).

Many thanks go to Bushwick musicians Photon Dynamo & The Shiny Pieces,

Elli Perry,

and Navegante!

So let’s get this party started and may 2011 be the Year!