Bushwick photographer, Sahara Shrestha shared her obsession with neon signs with us recently. With nostalgia for old Bushwick in heart, she strolls the night streets of Bushwick and takes photos of vanishing neons. Sahara says about project:

“At night, a small strip of Bushwick on Wyckoff between Myrtle and Dekalb speak in neon lights. Sometimes, walking amidst the glowing hums, you hear Mariachi wafting out of a business front, part mobile shop, part grocery store. Across the street, men gather outside the liquor store to talk: “otro pueblo, otro pueblo.” What do they make of the new Dunkin Donuts with free wifi, or the new Planet Fitness a few doors down?

Change is imminent, especially in a place like Brooklyn. In my menial effort to record time, I took photographs of the neon signs. They serve as markers on a fast-eroding boundary of time, distinguishing older businesses from the new ones. As you near Heavy Woods on Dekalb, a new bar catering to new residents, the neon signs begin to diminish.”