It was about time that a Bushwick resident got to fake his/her own TED Talk. And who would be more suitable for this task than our favorite Bushwick (via London via Israel) prankster, Nimrod Kamer, whose outstanding record of pranks includes a fake Obama birth in Kenya filmed on an iPad, and his project of unfollowing celebrities on Twitter and explaining his reasons to their face?

Not an eye remained dry when Nimrod Kamer asked his fake audience: “Can you make money by offering celebrities to tweet for them? No. Alexa Chung told me, ‘Let me tweet my own tweets.'” Nimrod’s answer is “Wikipedia.” We can we wiki-edit the change we want to see in the world! “Everybody cares how they look on Wikipedia,” Nimrod continues in his fake speech to explain how he edits Wikipedia upon request. He tells the audience how he helped Kanye West and Dr. Kevorkian look better on Wikipedia. For a small fee, naturally.

“Negaters are gonna negate. And people are gonna tell you it’s not a viable business plan. But I just give people the Google results they deserve. Or their enemies.”

And here is the most important message of Nimrod’s fake Ted talk: “Form follows function is a definition of Design. Forms unfollows the function is a definition Twitter. Form edits function is a definition of Wikipedia.”

The purpose of Nimrod’s project is to show how easy it is to edit Wikipedia. “Anyone can,” he told The Daily Dot.