It hardly gets better than Bushwick Open Studios seen through thousands of eyes. We asked you to hashtag your Instagrams, Vines and tweets #nobsbos, and we spent some jolly good time going through all your updates. Instagram being one of the best tools to document and connect through BOS, we picked a bunch of really interesting photos! To look through your photos hashtagged #nobsbos, we used Statigram. Oh, and don’t forget to follow @BushwickDaily on Instagram as well!



Legos? Hello Kitty? Spongebob? This is simply awesome! Instagram by @kellipop; art by Shinji Murakami



@khyal loved resin pixel art pieces by Shinji Murakami. So did we.



Oh course the Bushwick Collective curated murals are awesome! @bigjoozbagz


And Super Bushwick World by Ken Kocses at GamePad3000!! @brainpr

Bureau of Self Recognition @Brittanynatale

Bureau of Self Recognition at Momenta Art by @Brittanynatale

Happy, young gallerist, Jen Jones & Theresa Dadezio at Associated. This photo is by @bushwickdaily


One of  the Epic Fail pieces at Storefront Ten Eyck by @gingergeist

The block party by us @bushwickdaily

Ellie Murphy at Rock Street sculpture show by @chixonthehud

The No BS BOS guide by @chixonthehud


BogART Street view by @hawaika

Kitty kitty by @hawaika

Hipster silhuettes by @ian_cinco

Would you be my pet? Art by  Shinji Murakami, Instagram by @jackszwergold

Bushwick not so gentrified by @jackszwergold


We paaarty at Bushwick Collective Party by @jimmyjimmyhere

More Bushwick Collective by @jimmyjimmyhere

David Pappaceno at English Kills by @khyal


Cute! @khyal

Ashely Zelinskie sculpture at Rock Street by @legoland

Yep, that game was really fucked up! By @maria_e_g

@milesonwilson went to the same roof party like us 🙂

Put those panties back on, @mrs_stache. Seen at Ain’t No Basel.

@Rayogram shot some murals

Where was this taken, @susansurface?

t_____maher open studios 4am

Bushwick Open Studios at 4AM. Ooops… By @t___maher

Of course!!! Blasting fire hydrants! Summer arrived to Bushwick! By @yazzros

Bunnies!! By @yazzros